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jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: a fox news alert good news security concerns for americans around the globe as a pair of devastating attacks by angry mobs have claimed the lives of four americans serving our country overseas. welcome to "america live." i am megyn kelly. all across the globe this hour, american staffers are on alert. amid fears of that the violence we have seen in libya and egypt in the past 24 hours could spread. it all started when angry mobs took to the streets yesterday violently protesting a little scene movie that insult islam's profit, mohammed.
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done by a private individual and not any government. even though our government had nothing to do with the film. climbing walls, shredding and burning the american flag. replacing it with a black banner often used by hardline islamist groups throughout the world and reportedly chanting obama, we are here to sacrifice for osama. this is 11 years after 9/11. a second attack occurred in libya. it had been even more spending. u.s. ambassador krista stevens, and sean smith and two other individuals were all murdered. stephen worked tirelessly to help the libyan people against qadhafi. now libyans are worried about the violence spreading elsewhere. we have greg live with more.
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reporter: we are getting more information about the tragic event as the day goes on. along with the libya ambassador, chris stephens and sean smith, two other americans killed. their identities are yet to be made public. believed to be a security issue, they were killed at or around the u.s. consulate in the eastern part of libya. it was a tumultuous event in libya. we have run into a lot in this region, according to the secretary, secretary clinton, he was committed to american values and interests. it is believed by islamists and others, it started off as a protest. it got a lot of traction in the internet throughout the region. then things got very violent. he was hit by machine-gun fire, it is believed the ambassador
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was killed and others were killed as they were fleeing in a vehicle. libyan officials today saying that they would apologize. one has strong allegiance with al qaeda. we are active in this turbulent post- qadhafi area. this is helping the investigation of the at the very least, to investigate. the region is on high alert. a protest outside of tanisha. and algeria, warning americans against any unnecessary travel. ofanistan tamping things down as well as they can interpret it looks like the danger is far from passing. megyn: we have seen the violence
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in egypt. you have been in cairo many times. would he think they should be planning for there. what is likely about to happen. reporter: what is being called for for is a million man march. to protest the so-called defamation of the islamic profit mohammed. in general, those are supposed to be peaceful, but as we have seen, they have a way of getting hijacked by certain elements, including islamic elements that don't represent the mainstream opinion in egypt. again, on friday, we could see more violence there. more violence perhaps throughout the entire region is the ration throughout this region. megyn: now there is a question about what exactly they were doing at our embassy in cairo. his brother was reportedly at the cairo embassy and we will explore that question on the
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anniversary of this and what role do they play. greg, thank you. in addition to advance in libya, there are serious questions today about the storming of the u.s. embassy in egypt and the initial response from the staff. the angry mob scaling the walls and chanting enchanting and ripping down and burning the american flag. raising it instead with a black flag. a favorite of islamic hardliners around the globe. all of this on the day that americans were mourning and remembering the 9/11 terrorist attacks. someone even taking stars & stripes as souvenirs. u.s. the u.s. embassy, before the protest, first responded with a tweak that seem to apologize and after the protest, double down on the earlier tweet. writing that we condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the
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religious feelings of muslims. okay, so they sent this out prior to the protest. in the protest happened. then they sent out another tweet doubling down on the combination of those who are hurting the feelings of muslims in the region. also condemning the protest in the second tweet. who drove that message? than the chain went on from there. we will get into what the state department said president obama's officials said. and we will try to explain for you why this has now become a political controversy. governor romney touched on it this morning and he made the remarks. he also extended his condolences to the grieving families. and he did take a moment to criticize the obama administration for that cairo initial response saying an apology for american values is never the right course.
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listen here. >> my principles that form points. we stand for those principles. it is not something we should shrink forum. the second is clearly prefer to spread when we have a foreign policy objective, we describe it honestly and clearly to the american people, to congress and the people of the world. number three is resolved in our minds. but in those rare circumstances, those rare circumstances where we decided it is essential for us to apply it military might, that we do so with overwhelming force, that we do so in the clarity of omission. megyn: less than an hour after the governor spoke, president obama vowed to bring justice to the killers in this libyan attack. to the united states condemns
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in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. make no mistake. we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who have attacked our people. since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject denigrating the religious police of others. there is absolutely no type of excuse for this type of senseless violence. megyn: joining me now we have two guests. bill, thank you for being here. i want to talk to you as a former communications person. about the response we have seen this morning from the president and from governor romney. >> it is a very difficult time.
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i thought the president's remarks looked a little devoid of passion. governor romney is getting a lot of criticism for his position with the president, but i think he is right to make a point. the world is a very dangerous place. when people think they can attack america with tyranny. megyn: why would our state department and embassy be coming out with people scaling the walls, tearing the american flag and to shreds, and putting up a black flag as they chant about osama bin laden and make any point at all about the need for tolerance and religious belief and unapologetic statement about a film that her government had nothing to do with. >> it is insane. there is a time and place. not when you're under attack. we have a policy right now that we want to be everyone's friend. people that have lived overseas, i lived overseas for 10 years and knew a lot of diplomats.
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people have to have no doubt. the president said that he was going to work with the libyan government to bring these people to justice. i compare that to president bush on 9/11 when he was at school talking to kids and he hears about this attack out of the blue. it is awkward, he looked distracted, but he said, and this came right from him a few minutes later, we are going to hunt them down. i'm not interested in what the libyan government will do. we have to protect our people and we have to do what we think is necessary. part of the problem is there is no libyan government work with. and i think this idea that the libyans were looking at what is going on in egypt and so forth, it is a very dangerous time. i think the statement is less troubling than the policies that he has had. megyn: the president has taken criticism in the past for his so-called apology to her when he went over, including to places like cairo and making apologies
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for america, behaving to rationally, then when the crimes were burned in afghanistan, most recently by some american forces, the president apologize for that. even some on the right said he needed to be that to tamp down violence. but others say when you do that, if they perceive it, you can't think like an american. you have to think like our enemy. they perceive that as weakness and an invitation to do more harm to us. is that a dynamic that we are working against your? >> yes, we are working against a lot of dynamics. there is a time and place to soothe ruffled feelings. but this should not be the primary emphasis. the primary emphasis of the united states government overseas is to make the world safe for americans. the world is very dangerous for innocent people. when people think that they can attack the united states.
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the symmetry of this attack on 9/11, when people at home feel that it is so normal and they are talking about osama bin laden -- there are people who mean us harm and are determined. and they only respect strength. that doesn't mean that we bomb everyone, but i would like to see a far more wurtzel policy. i think governor romney is giving criticism. he is right that there our different policies. megyn: we are going to talk about them a more 1:30 p.m. a senior official tried to save the original tweet was not clear to washington. yet, the state department seem to come out and double down on the original message. he administration has been all over the board. as the president responds, one
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of our best allies may be in jeopardy. right after the break, we will speak with a member of israel's congress about a clash between israeli prime minister and president obama. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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megyn: the tension is escalating between president obama and renderman netanyahu over how to deal with iran's nuclear program. after the israeli prime minister reportedly asked the united states for a new shore up support by setting deadlines that have crossed, it would spark the sharpest attacks in years by netanyahu against white house. listen to him.
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>> the world tells israel to wait. there is still time. and i say, wait for what? wait until one? those international community's refuse to put redlines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before islam. megyn: jamie dimon is chairman of the conservative party of the conservative party of benjamin netanyahu. it is great to have you in new york. that seemed to be a direct response to the united states trying to pursue more diplomatic options before putting military options legitimately on the table. is that what we're talking about? >> we know that iran is walking very fast. they want to come here to
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washington -- he wants us to wait. i think obama has not decided. we cannot wait forever. we cannot allow this. megyn: i would like to ask you about that. there was a report that mr. netanyahu had a meeting with mr. obama and it was a new low in relations between mr. netanyahu and mr. obama. is that true? that he requests a meeting with the white house? >> he came to speak with the u.n. but he wants to talk to the president to discuss the crucial deal contract issues with them. to think together and to decide together. i am not surprised. president obama decided from the
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beginning. egypt, saudi arabia, turkey,. megyn: you say that the prime minister wants to come speak with president obama. but the white house says there was never a request from mr. netanyahu to meet with president obama in washington. >> i am sure he would be able to ask him if he is coming into town in two weeks time. i know that the prime minister wants to me. and it would be good for the united states to speak about what is happening in the middle east. you cannot forget you are allies in the middle east. megyn: do you feel like that is happening? we feel that is happening. and i think maybe obama like to hide islam for a while. nobody plans this in egypt and in libya. but it has happened.
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we need to fight back. megyn: we have seen israel is one of our strongest allies. now it is more and more perhaps our enemy allies in the middle east, even what has happened in egypt, do you feel it is in the united states interest to forge a stronger relationship with israel right now? >> we have the same values. we have a democracy. in libya, tunisia, egypt -- we gave egypt a lot of money. they are buying submarines from germany. it could be used against israel or the u.s.
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megyn: there is a theory that mr. netanyahu doesn't like president obama and is trying to set him up to look bad before the election. because there can be no great political outcome with president obama's meeting with netanyahu. is that correct? >> i am not a democrat or republican. we are proud israelis and want to work together with the american people. president obama decided not to walk with president obama. megyn: danny danon, thank you so much. this did not get much attention on 9/11, but a major ratings agency issued a security warning on the u.s. economy. we will have that next. a closer look at the mixed messages coming out of cairo, egypt, and out of washington at our embassy as it comes under attack. please stay with us.
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megyn: it didn't get much attention yesterday on 9/11, but this country's credit rating agency issued a warning. the u.s. economy has a debt level that is now at $16 trillion per year, america is officially underwater. moody's says that it will downgrade or credit if something does not change very soon. cheryl casone has more from the fox business network. reporter: they are pointing the finger directly at congress. their reasoning behind this morning. they say it is difficult to predict when during 2013
10:26 am
congress will conclude negotiations that resulted in a budget package. the rating with a negative outlook that we have now. that could be put down to aa. that would have a dire effect on businesses across the country and would hurt governments and would cause them to have to make a desperate move by movies. a desperate time for many businesses across the country. it is the physical click. if you don't come up with the dealer budget, we are going to hit the debt ceiling by the end of this year. we are going to cut you down if you don't come up with a deal, the expiration of the bush tax cuts. cuts in spending and the tax increases, scheduled at the end of this year. do we think congress will come up with anything? most people think no, nothing is going to happen. but someone else, not just movies has been very threatening with regards to congress. ben bernanke, they began their two-day meetings today, but we do not, and all the other news we are dealing with.
10:27 am
he is going to have a press conference. i will bet you anything, he once again will once again say that the fiscal cliff is going to be a huge smack to this economy and they have to do something. you know better than i would. will politics trump money in this situation? we will find out. megyn: thank you very much, cheryl casone. nbc news getting backlash for choosing to air an interview with kris jenner, at the same time the nation was observing the moment that the twin towers were attacked. we will show you what the network is doing today. plus, new questions about washington's response to terrific attacks on u.s. citizens and interests overseas. right after this break. >> this attack on american individuals and embassies is outrageous. it is disgusting. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack.
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protection risk free-- that's right, 60 days risk free-- use promo code: notme. order now and get this document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free. call the number on your screen. [♪...] megyn: fox news alert. serious questions about the u.s. response to the latest crisis overseas. when angry mobs formed the u.s. embassy in cairo ripping down the american flag and burning it and replacing it with a black banner often used by hard-line islamic groups as they chanted about obama, obama, we are all
10:32 am
osama. the violence sparked by outrage over a little seen film in the trailers for it on youtube. we are told it was made by an israeli american man living in california and not by our government. but apparently it insults the profit mohammed. first, the american embassy sends out a message condemning religious intolerance and the effort to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. as the protesters breached the embassy barriers, the embassy sent out a similar tweet saying that this morning's condemnation stands. but adding a new condemnation of the storming of the embassy. the obama administration put out a statement late last night saying that that message had not been cleared with washington. but within the hour, this state department sent out its own tweet saying the same thing as the embassy had. writing that the u.s. deplored any intentional efforts to
10:33 am
denigrate the religious beliefs of others. that is a phrase that the secretary of state, hillary clinton, also used in her statement when she first reported that someone had been killed at the confluence and libya. she added a strong condemnation of the attack at the consulate earlier that day. mitt romney says this is endangering us by sending mixed messages. does he have a point? joining us now is monica crowley monica? >> yes, governor romney has a serious point he is talking about the lack of american leadership and it is a very difficult place for us here in the united states. what the governor was trying to point out is that in times of crisis when american citizens
10:34 am
and embassies are under attack, there should be clear messages coming from the commander in chief in all aspects of his administration. what governor romney was pointing out is the fact that his administration seems to be all over the map at a moment when things are sorely lacking. for the white house to try to disavow the embassy statements -- when this state department repeatedly over the course of about 24 hours yesterday, these kinds of apologetic key statements -- this is what governor romney is pointing to. the absolute lack of leadership when it is absolutely needed and we are not getting it. megyn: simon, what are your thoughts? >> this sounds like desperate rantings from the campaign that is losing the election right now. this is a very delicate situation. once again, mitt romney acting without the kind of delicacy that we would expect of a leader. a very tough situation happening
10:35 am
late at night. i don't think that anything that was set by the embassy or the administration is in any way out of line. i think this is all much ado about nothing. it is true that this video has created problems in the middle east. today, the state department released a video that this shows unrest in the region. however, there is no excuse. we also know in terms of the tax, when we are talking about the attacks in benghazi, it looks that military attacks. it doesn't look like demonstrators crawling all over the wall like in cairo. it looked like something of a different nature. we need to understand and remember that in a massacre that was killed last night sided with the rebels against the government. he was a symbol of openness and democracy in this government's commitment to see a better day for the middle east, which is one of the reasons why he was targeted so specifically last night.
10:36 am
megyn: monica, today if you read the press, are questioning why are embassy would be issuing a statement that there is no question that the film sounds incendiary. but in america we believe in free speech. that is one of the fundamental principles of our country. they are questioning why are embassy would feel compelled to weigh in on this statement by private individual that many in the muslim world find offensive. but we in america believe in free speech. >> yes, that's exactly right. that is part of the reason why this was so appalling. when the outrage started to build, they double down on that. secretary clinton seem to reiterate that as well. one of the reasons why governor romney is being criticized because he put out a very strong statement defending the united states, which is what the president of the united states should be doing. these attacks on american embassies are diplomats. we now are feeling the pressure
10:37 am
from the leader of al qaeda. after cairo embassy, and attack. remember, someone came out of the egyptian muslim brotherhood which is running egypt and is very influence you influential in libya. they aren't the world most dangerous islamist organization. all they have to do is get an angry mob to attack anyone at anytime. this was coordinated and orchestrated and we better wake up to the fact that this was not senseless violence as the president and secretary of state continued to sit. this is not senseless at all. they are carrying this out with very specific goals and reasons and we better wake up to it. megyn: you can hear it in monica's criticism. what we have is an attack on the u.s. embassy in cairo first, where you have a brother of al
10:38 am
qaeda standing out there. you have been burning and shredding the american flag. you have been putting up a black banner that resembles a flag of al qaeda. you have been chanting obama, obama, we are all osama. doubling down on it and then the state department comes out and talks about how it has deplored efforts to denigrate the religious police of others. suggestion is that we need to stand as a country and say, get out of the embassy, don't endanger the american people who are there. if you mess with america, you will live to regret it. >> i think you just record the timeline that you were laying out. megyn: no, no, our introduction laid it out just right. >> you did it correctly the
10:39 am
first time in the second time. all i want to say about this is i am extremely proud for the progress that has been made in the last three years in this region. we have seen a democratic transition take place in libya and in tunisia and egypt. i have representatives from all the countries in my office with the american ambassador to the region having a coherent and wonderful conversation about the future of this region. there are remarkable things that we all wanted to see for decades coming to pass in the region today. there are going to be bumps in the road. things were much worse in the region four years ago when barack obama, during the campaign of 2008 -- we have seen tremendous progress, but i want to say, i'm going to answer your question. there are going to be bumps in the road. megyn: this is not a bump in the road. this is a terrorist attack against u.s. interests. by the way, the entire -- [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> it is insulting to the american people that somehow the president didn't respond appropriately.
10:40 am
he has shown more confidence and dexterity that all the republican presidents in the last 30 years combined. >> the reason we have this mess on our hands is this president dislodged key u.s. allies. >> were you against that? >> yes, i actually supported allies of the united states that were at peace with us and that peace with israel. you bet. >> my question is during the bush administration, we allowed hezbollah and hamas to become recognized as legitimate political parties and when we took out a government in iraq that was an alien enemy of iran and put in the wrong element in the middle east -- and you decry what the bush administration
10:41 am
does? there was more empowerment of hezbollah and hamas during the last three years. what is the difference? i need to understand what the differences. >> haslett and hamas were not allies of the united states. they were terrorists. and by the way, yes, they elected hamas. there is a learning curve. people have to understand that if they elect. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> bush overruled our good ally to israel. >> are you disseminate? [talking over each other] [talking over each other] megyn: i appreciate both of you. right after the break, the woman who found herself a part of the fight between planned parenthood and the world's leading breast cancer group. discusses the firestorm that led to her resignation and what she thinks of the contraception and abortion arguments featured prominently last week at the democratic convention. after a long run in the
10:42 am
theaters, the president's campaign team is now going after a film that makes predictions about mr. obama's possible second term. we will show you why just ahead. hungry for the best?
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megyn: the battle over contraception and women's health which is out front and center of the dnc. it really hasn't been so much on the republican side. the democrats making an issue out of this. a number of women taking the stage and raising this issue. here is a sampling of what we heard during the convention in charlotte. >> as a catholic woman, i take reproductive health seriously. >> we believe that a woman should make health care decisions with her family, her doctor, and her god. >> this past year, women learned that when we are at the table,
10:46 am
we are on the menu. >> remember, this became a top issue for some democrats after some states cut off taxpayer funds for planned parenthood's, who is considered the world's largest provider of abortions. when the susan gee koman foundation wanted to cut off the funding, they faced a massive backlash for that position. now an explosive new book is out between the high-profile battle between those two organizations. it is called planned bully. they knew that you are a polite person and they said she is behind us and trying to deprive women of their last cancer
10:47 am
screenings at planned parenthood because she is so blind on the issue of abortion. >> what i find intriguing about all of this is what is made of my personal politics, yet nothing was ever said about the politics of the head of planned parenthood and planned parenthood itself. he was just shown as a headline speaker at the democratic national convention. planned parenthood is investing close to $10 million in political campaign ads to support barack obama. he even got a phone call to personally thank her for all of her help. megyn: do you feel like you have been demonized in regards to abortion rights and related rights? >> i think it is more about the politics of the lasting liberals compared to those who believe one way or in the other. it heightens the limit.
10:48 am
what i find disturbing is that the whole area of women's health has now somehow been reduced to being a little bit more than contraception and abortion, and frankly, i reject that notion. >> sandra fluke said they want to cut down access to birth control, the republicans. this is the message that we heard. >> that's a bunch of nonsense. i have not heard anyone from the romney-ryan campaign saying that they want to cut off anything. we have seen from the obama administration is they bunch of rules that would step on religious organizations and the right to make decisions based on their conscious, and i think that's wrong. megyn: susan g. koman got such an outlandish. the argument against susan g.
10:49 am
koman at the time was, okay, planned parenthood provides abortions but other services as well. so many don't have health coverage for planned parenthood to get their annual ob/gyn exams. in some cases, many people are against, but which are illegal in this country. why shouldn't they fund an organization like that, which is not doing anything illegal, at least not on a broad basis do not the issue isn't so much a fight about breast health. it is not about pro-choice and pro-life. it is about how can susan g. koman or that for the cure best advance the fight against breast cancer. in looking at the overall granting, congress said we can do more for women if we cut out the middleman, the middle woman, if you will when it comes to mammograms. let's not forget that planned parenthood does not do mammograms.
10:50 am
megyn: but they do manual breast exams when you go into cedar annual. >> ultimately need to have a diagnostic service to have a determination of cancer there. that is the thing that susan g. koman wanted to do. the other thing was the major out lash at planned parenthood. $7000 against their 1 billion-dollar budget. and the data they were on tv, they were buying a $38 million headquarter welding. megyn: they round up using this decision to get more funds and receiving more donations than they lost from susan g. koman according to the report. but do you think. it's one thing to be pro-choice and to savor the ability for
10:51 am
abortion to be safe and legal and rare. but it's another to put it so commonly in people's faces. do you think they have overstepped that line last week? >> i do think that they overstepped the line. for most americans, men or women, it is the economy, it is jobs, it is taxes. it is the deficit. at a time when we have such economic turmoil, planned parenthood is getting $1.5 million per day of our tax dollars. megyn: something that mitt romney wants to stop. thank you so much for being here, again, the book is called "planned bullyhood." fox news alert. we are following a car chase right now in santa clarita, california. trace gallagher has the very latest. reporter: it is away from santa clarita. it isn't down on 10, it is in downtown los angeles. bank robbery suspects. four suspects accused of robbing
10:52 am
a bank near the magic mountain area. two of those suspects along the way have now jumped out of the car. this thinking down about three different freeways now it is on certain streets in downtown. speeds have been cropped upwards of 110 miles per hour in a black bulbul. down the 110, hitting about 70 miles per hour. the traffic downtown, he hit congestion, decided to get off, and now, as you can see, at one point there were a dozen patrol cars chasing this guy. they want this guy badly because this is an armed bank robbery, and there is believe that this guy would be on the inside. with at least one suspect with him. clearly they are paying very close attention to him. you see a couple of times that the cops had an opportunity to
10:53 am
do a pit maneuver that we have seen so many times. in this case, not knowing if weapons might be there, they are airing on the side of caution. we know that there are three or four different television help helicopters that are following this and it appears that this guy is trying to wedge his way downtown to make his way back on the 110 freeway north so that he can get the heck out of downtown. at some point in time come he is going to run into a lot of congestion and a lot more police officers. as we know, those spike strips may come into play. downtown los angeles, a black bulbul, two suspects inside. a bank robbery that happened in santa clarita, about 35 minutes ago. the interesting thing about these, as we have noted is they have pursued these would be aggression they think the driver has towards giving way. in other words, it they believe he poses a threat to society and they were up on trent will
10:54 am
pursue these more aggressively. it has been a long time since we had seen a dozen patrol cars in pursuit of the car that they wanted. the sheriff's department at some point in time will back off altogether and they will turn it over to the california highway patrol. and they will not back off. they will chase this until it ends and it always ends and it always does. the question here is how badly this guy wants to get away. is he a three strike offender, which means that if he is caught, he is going away for a long time. desperation seems to be the cause in a lot of these cases. it means that they will go to the end of the earth to try to get away because they know when they are caught, that they will, in fact, be put to jail for a very long time. megyn: in all that you have covered, have we ever seen a guy
10:55 am
get away? has it ever actually ended with the guy successfully escaping? >> it happened one time as they got into the beverly hills mall. they went inside the parking garage and actually got inside the mall before the cops got there. as far as we know, we have never had a documented car chase where someone has actually gone away. there has been a motorcycle chase where that guy actually got onto some private property and somehow slipped away. he was later apprehended. at the time, very rare to see one of these guys get away. the question always becomes what do they do? if there are weapons, they take their own lives? does it become a shootout? we have seen both of those scenarios. while local stations were on a three or 42nd delay because you just don't want to see what is going to happen. right now this has been going on for 40 minutes. a 40 minute chase, two suspects in the car and the police are acting as if they are armed and clearly dangerous and they pose
10:56 am
a very big danger to the people who might be in and around downtown, but pedestrians and so forth. of course, you can see that this has been weaving in and out of traffic. >> recklessness is always shocking in these situations. they think only of themselves and nine times out of 10, they get the justice deserved out of the end of it. but there is a real concern for the citizens of this downtown l.a. area, not to mention the police officers. we have seen more than one of these things and with a guy getting out of the car and opening fire on the police. we can only hope that that does not happen here. we will continue to monitor it. we will try to bring you more on the situation but we have a lot of other news that we want to get to including this. we are tracking new details this hour about the role of al qaeda and the storming of the embassy in egypt yesterday. new reports of the attack that we saw in libya may have been planned. more on that in three minutes.
10:57 am
on day three of the chicago teachers strike, new questions about mixed messages. from the administration on how it handles big issues when it comes to americans and their labor unions
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
megyn: fox news alert. new questions about the white house response to the murder of four americans serving at the u.s. consulate in libya and what it could mean to america' standing within the arab world. i'm megyn kelly. president obama is back on the campaign trail heading to a vegas rally this afternoon. early i are he addressed the nation -- earlier he addressed the nation from the rose garden on the attack in bengali that killed the libyan ambassador and three staffers. in neighboring egypt, where protesters scaled the walls at
11:01 am
the u.s. embassy in cairo, ripping down the american flag, replacing it with a black banner popular with hard-line islamic groups as they chanted about usama bin laden. ed henry is live at the white house. >> reporter: after the president's remarks in the rose garden he went to the state department to reassure american diplomats that the u.s. government stands behind them and we are beefing up security around the world. a searing moment for american diplomats and americans all around the world. four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya murdered in cold blood in benghazi. you have seen these pictures of protesters taking over the scene last night. this is the first american ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979. new information we are picking up is the administration does have some suspicion, early suspicion that this was a
11:02 am
planned attack that led to these four murders and this was not necessarily some protesters spiraling out of control. this is officials stressing the administration is not jumping to any conclusions. this is early in the investigation. they are not lowing any door or any possibility of what led to these murders. the president made clear in the rose garden that justice will be served. >> we are working with the government of libya to secure our diplomats and working to increase security at diplomatic posts around the world. make no mistake we'll work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who killed our people. >> reporter: he did not take questions and we could not press him on what action will be taken by the american government. also important to note when he said there that the u.s. will be working handle in hand with the
11:03 am
lib ran government to get to the bottom of this. there are some reports suggesting after the american ambassador was moved out of the consulate that there may have been libyan security force hospital tipped off some of the protesters to where the ambassador had gone and they were able to get him and kill him and three others. so a lot of questions outstanding. megyn: distressing pictures of our ambassador being dragged, helped, it's not clear, through the streets of libya which we'll get to momentarily. let's bring in fox news strategic analyst ralph peters. not you word is out. not confirmed but suspicions this is a planned attack. a planned attack on our consulate in libya in the wake of what we saw in cairo just
11:04 am
hours earlier tearing count american flag, raising what appeared to be an al qaeda banner and chanting what appeared to be usama bin laden. >> the obama administration is telling more lies than a teenaged boy in a back seat. of course, they are planned attacks. it's not an accident both of these attacks happened september 11, thank you. the obama administration let its guard down. our only preventative action was to apologize to muslims for offending them once again. these attacks obviously were planned. we knew the one in cairo was coming because we evacuated the embassy and sent people home. the government knew it was coming and didn't stop it because they are in a ratings battle between the salafists and the muslim brotherhood about who is the greater supporter of islam. then we have president obama in the rose garden speech as you noted never mentioning egypt.
11:05 am
he wants to shift away from the administration's fail egyptian policy. you have got the administration covering up for all the apologies. president obama comes as close as can to another apology. saying we reject all attacks on religion. i forget the exact language. i seem to remember candidate obama attacking christians who believe in guns and god. but this is a planned -- a series of carefully planned attack as staged resulting in the brutal murder of our ambassador and three other embessie personnel. i don't blame the libyan government. they are weak, they are under threat. their hearts are in the right place. the egyptian government which we get billions of dollars a year refused to protect our embassy. the obama administration needs to forget there is an he flexion
11:06 am
two months and needs to get serious about foreign policy. megyn: we talked with you a while back about some of our military members in afghanistan burned the koran and there was a question about why they did and they have been confused and there were questions about that. but we apologized for it. that was an action taken by members of the u.s. military. this film is a youtube film by some guy in california we are told. we don't know anything about him. not the u.s. government. why would our embassy be coming out apologizing to these muslim protesters in cairo about that, ralph and is there an argument they needed to do it to tamp down the protests that were swelling and it was an effort to keep the peace that clearly did not work. >> clearly did not work. the problem is we have some members of the diplomatic corps and many in the government who
11:07 am
place political correctness above our constitution. i'm disgusted by gratuitous attacks on any religion. though our society condones attacks on christianity and judaism. we need to defend our constitution and not elevate political correctness about of. as much as i and shore nonsense like this filth. it is protected speech by our constitution. and i wish people would worry less about getting reelected and more about our constitution, our values, and protecting americans. so the bottom line here, the administration let its guard down on september 11 of all days and now they are trying to lie their way out of it. megyn: is this an act of war? >> legally no, it's not. an act of war is a state-sponsored aggression
11:08 am
against a state. but it's a war-like act. and here is how we need to respond. in egypt you respond by telling the morsi government, the muslim brotherhood government, if this happens again the billions of dollars a year go away. they desperately need the money because egypt is hurting. the salafists are trying to undercut the egyptian economy. and they know this is a blow against tourism. in libya where the government cannot protect itself we need to track down the salafists behind his massacre and kill every one of them. no prisoners, kill them. megyn: president obama promises justice will be done. i want to get you back to california. something extraordinary is happening in this car chase in santa clarita. trace gallagher has the extraordinary details.
11:09 am
trace? >> reporter: this is in downtown thanks near the university of southern california and it has been a jackpot for the entire downtown. the suspects are throwing money out the window. now the dangerous situation is, you have kids that are actually running out of their house watching this on tv and chasing this car so they are posing even more danger. on top of that we believe that at least three of the suspects have gotten out and there are at least two suspects in the car. you can see people on the side of the road. play the video of them throwing some of the cash out the windows. they have thrown this out at least five or six different times. cash being thrown out and you can see the kids running after it. they have done this a bunch of times. you can see the kids running after the car now. it's on every television station in los angeles. you have kids running out of their house look for cash.
11:10 am
they are down by the university of southern california in that area of downtown and people know where they are. now on top of the bank robbery, we have confirmed there is a handgun involved in this. so we know as the police officers say, they are armed, they are reckless, they are dangerous, and they have led police up to a dozen cruisers on this high-speed chase at times of 110 miles an hour for almost one solid hour. look at the people on the side look for the money. the police tell us that every time they throw cash out, they actually have gps indicators inside the police car and they push a button. and that is location of another crime scene. so every place they put money out, they go back and try to get the cash. good luck trying to gather up all that cash. you see them throwing something else out back there? we know there are two people in the car, megyn. it looks like there could be
11:11 am
three. we know three. look at the people running. they are getting in the way. they are trying to get in front of the cops. give us the money, give us the money. this is downtown los angeles, a very impoverished area. when you have got people throwing money out. you have got people wanting that money. they have gone over and run the license plate so if this car is not stolen they know who they are dealing with. they will try to contact this guy if he has a cell phone. some of them pick up, some of them don't. but all of them are desperate and some of them are three-strike offenders which means they are going away for a very long time when they are caught. these guys are being pursued very aggressively because they pose a very big danger as we can see to people around them. megyn: it appears like they throat money out the window when the cops get close to perhaps
11:12 am
deter the police from continuing their pursuit because suddenly there are people between the cap car and the assailant's car picking up money. >> reporter: if they want to get away from the comes, they are going around in circles. there are a number of freeway entrances they could get back on the freeway and increase this chase or lengthen this chase. so far they have chosen not do that. they have chosen to go back to surface streets. police will tell you suspects always tend to go to where they note best because they think their best chance to get away is to get to their home territory. we are not saying they are from the downtown los angeles area because we don't know. but as a rule a lot of car chase suspects tend to go where they know because they are familiar with it and they believe that's their best chance of escape though they never get away. megyn: folks waving at the car.
11:13 am
i was going to ask you earlier whether this was attempted robbery, whether it was a successful one, it appears the answer is yes. got to get a quick break in. don't go away. [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab.
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11:16 am
megyn: a group of men said to have committed an armed robbery, then they took off in their car when the police gave chase. we have witnesses from the better part of 45 minutes as this car goes around and around the blocks of downtown la or southern la and throws money out the window. throwing out ofng to collect their windows. three men have gone the out of the car. two men still appear not car. >> reporter: it appears two men are in the back seat occasionallying to out money. william lajeunesse handed the me
11:17 am
some numbers. there are 7,000 car chases in l.a. every year. most last only a few minutes. this lasted for an hour. it started by magic mountain and went on five different freeways. now it's in downtown los angeles. it's been in downtown for 15-20 minutes. there is some road construction coming up here. but these guys are armed and dangerous. what's kinds of puzzling to us is we have seen this guy drive by police cars and so far they have not toed down any of those spike strips. the things that blow out the tires and they have not yet tried the pit maneuvers. there are some unmarked police cars getting involved in this and no spike strips so far that we have seen and no pit maneuvers. the kids are chasing them. it's all over tv. this is like sport in los angeles.
11:18 am
megyn: look at the folks waving asking for the money to be thrown out at great risk to themselves because the police are following behind them. >> at one point there were 12 different cruisers. they -- we can see four, the line could go even further back if the helicopter were to pull out of this thing. the chp will get involved in this if it goes back on the freeways. but sheriff's officers are involved. people know where the guy is because the helicopter pilots are giving a blow by blow of this on local television so the local residents saying he's coming down our street. they run outside hoping to get a little cash. by now they may be out of cash. this is crazy video. throw this up real quick. this is great video of them tossing the money out the window. megyn: where did they get the money?
11:19 am
>> reporter: the bank of america in santa clarita a little over an hour ago and they fled. six suspects, three got out of the car and three remain inside that car that we know of. there are several different crime scenes involved in this because as you can imagine, this thing could go on still for a while. megyn: do we know whether when you get a bag of money from the bang after you rob it, they do something to the money? could it be they are throwing the money out the window because soming thing blew up in it? >> reporter: no, we don't know. sometimes they have explosive ink packs and sometimes it's marked. but getting this money back in downtown los angeles will be a herculean task. we don't know if these guys are on drugs. we don't know their motivation. but there is a weapon inside the car which is why police are concerned about the pit
11:20 am
maneuver. they believe at that pointth time you could have shots fired and police officers injured. but they are really now looking at what's going to happen to all the pedestrians and the other drivers around this area. recently he has been driving fairly reasonably. megyn: you have to wonder if he's listening to us and decided well i'm going to get caught so i might as well give out this money to the good people of los angeles who are only too happy to accept it. perhaps they don't know the source of it. but we'll continue to watch this. trace gallagher reporting. this car has gone up to 110 miles an hour. getting tight on the streets of l.a. continue to go around the block and throw money out at the citizens of los angeles. more on that in just moment. in chicago this is day three of the big teachers' strike. there are big questions about
11:21 am
how the administration handles labor issues.
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
people who didn't expect their money to be stolen by these six suspects. three were in the car and you said a few got out as well. >> reporter: the fbi confirmed the three who'out were aprebehinded. nobody amazingly from the crowds in the street got hit. they were driving upon sidewalks. megyn: look at the size of the crowd that has come out to see this arrest take place. there was not a lot of resisting going on once they got the car. of course, the entire police chase is considered resisting arrest. once they got to the car the men seem to have been apprehended with little trouble by the police. now we'll watch the aftermath in
11:26 am
downtown l.a. hopefully this resolves calmly without incident. the guys are going to prison like they always do when they commit bank robberies and high-speed car chases. trace, thank you. day three now of a massive teacher strike in chicago. the white house is keeping an arm length away from this fight raising questions about possible mixed messages. back when wisconsin's governor took on unions, the president rushed to defend organized labor calling it and i assault on organized labor. in chicago a different story. rahm emanuel is not you mayor of chicago and the white house has had precious little to say. chris plante and kirsten powers. the two situations are not exactly analagous. in one situation you had a
11:27 am
governor eliminating elective bargaining rights and here it's teachers strike. they are upset about pay and other issues. but should the administration have said or done more? >> the president promised a while back that if you are striking he's going to be out there with you. he's got a hat for the sun. now as you know he's given him the reverend wright treatment. they are being shown the door because it's not politically convenient for the president to sidle up to this. i'm eating popcorn and watching this like it's live entertainment. my old classmate rahm emanuel. same school, same year. we didn't hang out together, you might be surprised to learn. this is their own frankenstein's monster. they cobbled this thing together. this is like a snake eating its own tail. this is the left versus the
11:28 am
left. rahm emanuel and others with a similar world view created this monster. this is a radical group of people, the teachers union making absurd demands. megyn: they make 77,000 a year on average and only 50% of the students graduate and go on to college. let me ask you whether there is some dane glert administration looking like it's talk out of both sides of its mouth. listen to rahm emanuel talking about wisconsin before he found himself in a similar situation. >> the wisconsin model i totally reject. what wisconsin is doing is not what we want to do in chicago. there is no respect or a sense we have a vested interest in working something out. megyn: kirsten? >> i think as you said at the beginning. there is a big difference. they were trying to eliminate
11:29 am
collective bargaining in wisconsin which is different than what's going on in chicago. that said, i think if rahm emanuel was not mayor of chicago the white house would probably be weighing in because it's the public sentiment in chicago is with the teachers, about 47% i think are supporting the strike. and more importantly for obama is that he needs to keep his base ginned up. the labor movement is important to his reelection. so i suspect the reason he hasn't done flat this case is rahm emanuel is asking him to hold his fire. megyn: he's in a tough situation. >> this is their chickens coming home to roost. forgive me for enjoying it a little bit here. the president is a hypocrite for not stepping in. scott walker scaled back collective bargaining rights for
11:30 am
certain sector employees. he didn't eliminate collective bargaining rights but he brought them back to the point where they could get their fiscal house in ordinary. in chicago with their outrageous crime rate and the abysmal graduation rate they are looking at a $1 billion deficit. in the real world that's a lot of money. in chicago it's still a lot of money. just from the school system alone. so they are failing on all fronts and the head of the union is a radical woman declaring that the revolution will not be standardized. and coming out with the red shirts, the revolutionary flags. it's pretty crazy out there and the democrats will have some sort this out on their own. but they shouldn't get a free pass because they created this monster, and now they have to get their house in order. megyn: the teachers don't want to be evaluated based on the stand cardized tests of the
11:31 am
students. they said after the strike it will be no easier to get rid of underperforming and incompetent teachers and it's next to impossible now. >> it is tough, especially in the big cities with strong unions. new york city has a similar situation to get rid of underperforming teachers. at the same time i agree with the teacher's union it's not necessarily their fault especially in areas where there aren't two-parent household or the children are coming from poor families. there are other factors that feed into how a child might perform in school. i don't know that it's fair to say because they aren't performing well on a standardized test that teachers aren't doing a good job. there are two different issues here. i think it's fair to say underperforming teachers should be able to be fired. but let's not blame teachers for every single thing that goes
11:32 am
wrong. megyn: we are watching the aftermath of the chase in los angeles. plus "kelly's court" takes on the troubles of a hollywood actress and what one legal observer calls the worst child custody dispute ever. why her kids have been sent to live in france.
11:33 am
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11:36 am
four americans are dead in this libya attack including our ambassador chris stevens. now there are questions about our response. here is the president first. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. we are working with the government of libya to secure our diplomats. i have also directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world and make no mistake, we'll work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. megyn: about an hour before the president made those remarks in the rose garden we heard from governor romney. >> my foreign policy has three turned amountal branches. first confidence in your cause. a recognition the principles america was based upon is not something we shrink from or apologize for. that we stand for those principles. the second is clarity in our purpose.
11:37 am
which is that when we have a foreign policy objective we describe it honestly and clearly to the american people, to congress ton the people of the world. number three, is resolve in our might. that in those rare circumstances, those rare circumstances where we decide it's essential for us to apply military might, that we do so with overwhelming force, that we do so in the clarity of a mission. megyn: governor romney testified his earlier criticism of the president and the way in which the administration initially responded to the crisis as it was unfolding in various stages. dana perino is a former white house press secretary for george w. bush and cohost of "the five." four americans are dead and that's the number one most important thing in what we have seen today. but there is also a presidential election underway in this country and that will affect a lot of lives as well.
11:38 am
these two men are in a difficult position trying to respond to this. the information is fluid and changing. the situation didn't stay the same over the course of 24 hours. but governor romney did come out and criticize the embassy and the state department sounded like their initial response which was to apologize for the hurting of muslims' feelings by a videotape put out by a private citizen. this was your business advising a president how to handle this type of thing. what is your overtall take. >> first reports are almost always wrong. and that is happening here. you are seeing all of a sudden now we have reports that you had earlier that perhaps this situation in libya was planned beforehand. result of this are shocking, outrageous and tragic and these four americans didn't just die, they were murdered. so the response has to be commensurate with that. last night when governor romney
11:39 am
made the statements about egypt, it was after several hours of people expressing outrage, including on "the five" when gregg gutfeld brought it up and said we can't believe we are apologizing. four hours later the white house distanced itself from that statement as well. i think in some ways there is very little criticism to the level of governor romney getting response out when everybody else was doing it. megyn: he criticized a response that the white house found objectional because it tried to distance itself from that response. >> if you are in the white house and something happens in egypt you don't want to micromanage the communicators in the state department. the problem is not that they did the official statement of the united states through the secretary of state who speaks for the president. but also the tweeting. tweeting should not happen in a situation like this when you have unfolding violence where you are apologizing to
11:40 am
perpetrators of violence on 9/11 and we might find out that this was planned in advance. al qaeda might be involved. from there where do we take this? i thought president obama was good today in the reese garden saying we'll follow this through. i don't know if i have a lot of confidence working with the libyan government but maybe they know something i don't know. megyn: if we can put the pictures up of what happened in cairo. originally people were upset over this youtube clips of this movie not put out by our government. some private guys. trying to incite people. he put this out and you can see the reaction from some in the muslim community. but before there were protests our embassy says we condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. then the protesters show up at the embassy. then the embassy comes out and says, this morning's
11:41 am
condemnation issued before the protest began still stands. so they stood by it even as these people are out there burning the american flag and hoisting a flag that resembles have much the one of al qaeda and talking about their praise for usama bin laden. they also at that point said we con deputy the unjustified breach of the embassy. how do we have a situation in which our embassy is sending tweets and later that night the state department writes, the u.s. deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. that was 10:54 p.m. the state department is focusing on the intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of on thers. >> this is not the free speech the egyptians fought for. but to apologize, please don't be upset. imagine if in ma america if people got upset about things like this. the michael moore films.
11:42 am
if americans were burning things because we upset about things. it is not going to help in the arab world in you coddle them. maybe they knew something else. that's what i'm interested in finding out. where was the security? were the perpetrators inside the embassy at the time? in libya the question of who was securing him? who was supposed to protect this career civil servant who had given his life to the american people. megyn: and helping these people in libya. >> he believed in freedom and the trite free speech. >> reporter: the reports are they moved our ambassador into a nearby safe house but it was infiltrated and he tried to escape and the car was it by a bomb and he died first it was reports of suffocation and then smoke inhalation. >> this is all unfolding while the white house is fighting a
11:43 am
suggestion from the israelis that they turned down a meeting with prime minister netanyahu. perhaps there was never a request for a meeting and the white house was trying to deal with a rumor. but the president had to be on the phone with prime minister netanyahu for an hour. so coming out of charlotte they had a really good, he's the foreign policy heir of confidence and everybody should be fine. in four hours last night that was back on the table. is this the kind of confidence you want out of foreign policy. megyn: peggy noonan, no liberal, was on our air this morning and said governor romney -- she was suggesting that he should know the value of an unexpressed thought and perhaps he did himself no favors in all of that. >> one of the reasons the white house said they couldn't meet with prime minister netanyahu is because they will be on the campaign trail in ohio. so romney gets into the news
11:44 am
cycle and he's darned if he does and darned if he doesn't. megyn: dana, thank you, see you tonight on "the five." an ugly custody battle as a judge sends somebody's kids over to france. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
11:45 am
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of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. the hollywood star whose custody battle could turn into a contentious case. kelly rutherford lost an appeal to keep her two dplirn the united states. they are american citizens as is she. a judge deciding it was best to send them to live with her deported husband. he was deported under questionable circumstances though we don't know the details. but the children are ages 5 and 3 are american and according to
11:48 am
legal heavyweight allen dershowitz, they have constitutional rights as americans. if you are born in america and you have born in america you have constitutional rights here. so there is a judge who decides the husband got deported. what am i to do? he got deported. now he lives in france. the kids can't see him. the mother who is a successful actress has the ability to travel to france. so kids even though you have lived here your whole lives. you didn't have that one visit to france. so off you go to france to live forever. jonna, is this going to be upheld? >> this ruling is so illegal it's unimaginable. we just had a california judge rule that two american citizen children have to go live in another country where neither parent is a citizen. this is nuts.
11:49 am
the unfortunate part for the mother is that the kids are in france now. it's not like she can keep them from getting on the plane. she has got to figure out a way to get them and bring them back. this is absolutely illegal. megyn: the judge seemed to come down on this actress because she said your lawyer contacted the authorities about your ex and whatever his dealings were that led to him getting deported. by doing that you immediately took away his ability to be with his children. i mean, the guy clearly was deportable. so the wife is to blame for kawrling the officials and saying he did some stuff, you better look into it. now she has to pay the price? >> the ruling is she has 50% access to her children. since she decided to create this situation, she is the one who decided to help him be deported, she is the one who alerted the
11:50 am
authorities. there are undocumented people walking around this country all the time. megyn: she should have been come police sit if she -- she pmp. >> how many times did a client, when the judge ordered them to do something like put a proper name on a birth certificate and the client says no, judge, i'm not putting the father of my daughter's name on the birth certificate. do you think that had something to do why the judgment ruling? megyn: isn't the determining factor best interests of the children, jonna? is it in the best interests of two american children who only visited france one time to go live with their father in france. >> their german-speaking father who lives in france. they split up when she was pregnant with her second child. how much bonding has this child
11:51 am
had with the father. the best interests of the children is to be with their mother. megyn: we are going to have to continue this. but the judge is focused on the fact that the children are even rolled in french schools. that's next. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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11:54 am
megyn: the judge said they are maimed hermais and helena. it almost seems as if it fits within some plan they had when they first started the education of the children. really, arthur? >> the state of the law is the best interests of the child. it doesn't articulate where they have to live.
11:55 am
it articulates is each parent facilitates and fasters a relationship with the other parent. the judge found that the mother here was not fostering a relationship with the father. megyn: we don't know how got deported. >> she didn't even tell hip the child was born. megyn: that was years ago. she was ticked off at the woman reported him to the authorities. "people" magazine reported it was because he was accused of dealing drugs and weapons. the judge thinks it's better to live with a father accused of fraud and other things in a country where they have never lived? >> these are american citizens. they belong in america. if the father can't get here to visit that's his problem. how many times have you had a father go to prison. we don't ship the kids off to sal today tras.
11:56 am
>> we allow the children to visit the father in alcatraz. >> she didn't listen to any of the court's orders or court's instructions. that's why this ruling came down. put his name the birth certificate and she said no. >> maybe she wanted a paternity test. maybe's a bad dad. megyn: an independent lawyer testified to the judge the best interests of the children is to keep them in america where they have lived their entire lives. they have their friends. two parents living apart is hard enough. the independent experts said judge they need to stay here. this is the last question. is there any way she gets this reversed or is it done? >> she has to get this reversed. if she doesn't get it reversed she'll file a new petition and start all over again.
11:57 am
megyn: panel, thank you also much. we'll be right back. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verin. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon.

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